Monday, October 1, 2007

The Choice Is Yours!!!!!!

Woman Liberation or Civil Rights, Who Will You, Choose?

Imagine the rights of Black people in America in the 1900’s….now imagine the rights of women in this same era…..any difference? While there are many differences between the two, both parties suffered many injustices compared to where we stand in today’s society. Both had to fight for the right to vote, for equal rights, and the right to basic rights as was given to any American. That’s were they part comparison. While both have suffered, let’s not go over our head, Black people have suffered more than anyone on this continent. Black people, in order to obtain equal rights, did so by starting the Civil Rights Movement. These movements, allowed blacks to desegregate schools, secure voting rights and finally have protected rights in society. The Woman Liberation Movement gave women equal rights in the workplace, which included equitable wages, political rights, and an affirmation of “equal sex” in modern society. While both movements have coincided with each other, the Civil Rights movement died with the untimely deaths of its leaders and the disbandment of the organizations it spawned. In today’s society, the Woman’s Liberation Movement has moved to higher heights. In the workplace and in society in general, women have taken on greater roles in modern day America. While parallel in time frame, both movements served purpose and notice that they will no longer accept any discretion regarding their civil liberties. And like a mother of the movements, look at its babies. In the 2008 race for the Democratic nomination for president, we have two individuals, one black, one woman, in the running for their party nomination. While most people believe that race and gender have no credence in public forums, the reality is they do. I for one, when Jesse Jackson was running for president, would have cast my lot with him for no reason other that his skin. Now that I am more mature and informed on politics, that will no longer be my rationale in picking the most qualified candidate. Woman, don’t lie, you would love it to see a woman running the United States of America. Hillary Clinton winning the presidency would be celebrated by the undaunted chat of “Girl Power”. While Mr. Obama winning would be celebrated by the new hymn of “We Have Finally Overcame”. Like most in society, most people believe qualifications, not race and gender, play a major role in elections. I say “not” for people of these movements. They have suffered so long to get to this point, so if you believe race and gender will not play a major factor in this election then you are kidding yourselves. The only question that remains is whom will the Black women side for. Will they side with movement that gave their people freedom or will they side with the movement who gave their gender equal status in their communities, workplace and households. Very easy choice to me but to some this will be a vote divided. Especially to the Black woman. Do we vote for the movement that gave them life or the one that put them in the very discussion we are having now. The choice is yours!!!!!!!!!

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