Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fresh Rebuttal From Brother Bempah

The other day I did a post about Civil Rights and the Woman's Liberation Movement as it pertains to the 2008 presidential election.

Why we agree on some things, Brother Bempah has a different perspective......

Here it goes......
Is it really the same?

I read DREDAYDC’s comparison of the Women Liberation Movement to the Civil Rights Movement and thought he made some very great points, but! Isn’t there always someone that has to say but!

I really hate it when people or groups try to compare their movements to that of the civil rights movement.

These comparisons are mostly made by White people; I may be wrong but I have never heard a Black Jew, a Black woman or a black homosexual make these comparisons as much if at all.

OK, when these white women were burning bras and marching down the street, the fire departments weren’t hitting them with water that felt like 20 pound weights. White officers weren’t beating them down with sticks, shooting them with rubber bullets and putting notches on their lockers to show how many niggers they killed or hurt that day. And most of these white women could go home to a white husband that was making a nice white man’s paycheck that can bail them out of jail.

The Holocaust was one of the greatest injustices of human kind and should never be forgotten or belittled. But to talk about the millions of Jews that died, can’t forget that millions of Blacks died on the boats to America to finally arrive here and watch millions more die in cotton fields and the hands of their oppressors. And while World War II may have ended the holocaust for Jews, Blacks are still dying today at the hands of police officers, judges and an American system that holds no value to their lives or individual freedom.

As far as the homosexual movement goes… lets be real for one moment! As a homosexual, you can walk down the street in your Sunday’s best and change the way you walk, talk and maybe even be able to hide who you really are (like DL’s).

The last time my color was changed, my father helped. I think my new color was purple as he beat the hell out of me for stealing change out of my brothers money jar to get something from the ice cream truck. Under regular circumstances, color just can’t change! Yes some of these persons have been killed, a lot are hated but they can hide in plane site. A Black person can only hide in a grave.

By the way, the Republican Party has a dark horse named Fred Thompson (Former Senator of Tennessee) that will win the 2008 election! Why do you think they tell you not to tell others who you plan to vote for? This is how they cover up the lie of who the winner really is. As with your job, you’re told not to discuss your salary; once the truth is known, the lie must stop or be changed. But that’s something for another day.

These are just the thoughts of an African on-looker.

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