Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Here is What They Think about You!!!!

Taken from Tightrope


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Damn Niggers!
I am tired of all the niggers that think we owe them. What do we owe them nothing! Did you know why if it was not for us they would not be over here in the first place which I think they should have stayed over there because like 98% of crime would be stopped this is bull shit I read about crime that the fucking nigger commit all the fucking time and they get off Scott free why because we owe them no they owe us! There lives there money there time They should all be hanged with a big smile on my face. Everyone knows where I live I hate niggers I don’t care people tell me all the time why do you hate them? I reply back because they’re not white! Niggers drive by knowing they have no right to be in my neighborhood What can I do nothing because they damn monkeys have guns shoot me and face no punishment at all because there niggers! What does everyone do around here nothing they are scared.
While we at Public Assitance believe in freedom of speech, this dude has gone off his meds.

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take_charge_of_me_32 said...

I find this blog very revulting its horrible in tis own words you would think that racism is over but its not any way shape or form what i think needs to boe done is this if you think that this is the write way of moving things around and telling it how it is then you need to make a public anouncment then and not hide in the dark......