Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Truth as told by The Planet of The Apes....

What NOW!

Written by Brother Patrick Bempah

Those that know me, namely my children, know that I have a running joke! Before I can finish the sentence they can finish it for me…. “The most racist movie on God’s green earth….” And they finish for me “…Plant of the Apes.” (The original)

This movie vividly depicts what the powers that be thought/think of brown brothers of every nation/location (African American, Black, African, what ever you would like to call yourself). Separate, concur and move in for the kill!

In the movie the Gorilla’s (darker, stronger and least of the intellectually gifted) were the soldiers set out to guard and protect the race. The “red-bone” or lightest/fairest toned monkeys were the scientist, the lawmakers and the chief arbiters of all that was good. The third group, our caramel brothers were the typified middle class doctors, managers and working class individuals who were smart enough to make a living and are accepted by both groups because they share a little likeness of both.

Soon a “white man” finds himself in the midst of this planet. (If any of you remember the movie, he reached the Plant of the Apes via space exploration) He soon convinces the caramel monkeys that the “redbone” and dark-skinned individuals have all the power. Not only did he seek to create division for the purposes of concurring this apparently harmonious nation of Apes, he began to employ the women in his plan… he convinced one of the monkey woman to kiss him. These old tricks have been used on us.

Understand it’s probably too late for you and I—you may have already made up your mind about your blackness- - as for your children, teach them that having a diverse cultural background makes them special. Our varying shades of color make us brothers and apart of a large extended family, not enemies. Ensure that they use diversity to find commonality instead of divisiveness.

25% of any racial mixture assures that you are not white--but it dam sure makes you an interesting blend of colorful people that came before you!

Teaching this fundamental principle of self-love will serve us well for generations. Divisiveness is a trick used in war and in the deterioration of a great people. The war we experience within the African American community is a reflection of this separation brainwashing and can be since in the homicide rates amongst our young men and those that took their lives; other young black men!

Let our children understand that to take a life of another person of color is the same as killing a person of their own family. Fair-to-medium-to dark, it’s our family!

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take_charge_of_me_32 said...

I love the blog, i thought it was insiteful and just plain witty it shows that racism is still out there alive and running, but if you want to read something that is really horrible in its own words then you need to read the blog by SHAVEDHEAD88 called the real truth about ''us''