Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Help The Children

We at Public Assistance seek your assistance in addressing this problem:
Child Obesity

DC tops the area in obese children ages 10-17.(

So instead of having little Joey or Joyce or whatever you are naming you children these days sit on the kitchen floor with the refrigerator open, We offer you some alternatives.

Please let your kids know that sitting for hours playing video games is not exercise.

Encourage you kids to participate in a physical activities such as football, swimming, running or anything other than playing video games.

Get your fat butt up too and participate with your children, you too need the exercise.

Encourage.....No, create healthy eating habits. That means getting home early and preparing a healthy meal, not bringing it home in Styrofoam.

Encourage them to drink water and while encouraging, grab some for yourself. "stop the pop"

Provide fruits and veggies. They like Sugar Fruit Loops, maybe they'll like apples and oranges too.

Turn on the radio and have a dance competition with your kids. This we'll be blast for all involved.

This should get you started. For more info and tips check out this site.


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