Friday, October 12, 2007

Chronicles of a Blue Collar Black Man......

I smile at you and get nothing in return
You roll you eyes and you nose takes an upward turn
I look at myself...and say" Hum.....I know im fine"
I work real hard, I provide for myself and my kids, I know I gets mine
What can be her problem, I ponder in my head
So I speak to her instead and get no response again!
Dumbfounded, I tuck my pride aside
Watches her I as she gently take her strides
To the door...Through the door...... and out to the sidewalk
Another brother in a suit stops her and they begin to talk
What does he has on me to myself I ask
Maybe I tried to move in to fast
I'm a man..never can be the judge of another man but....
He aint got shyt on me......I know she aint blind, I know she see
That dude look like humpty dumpty far from height
And to compare his looks to mine......he makes me as JJ would say "Dynamite!!!!"
As they exchange cards, I let out a hardy laugh
Grabbed my stuff prepare myself to dash........then it hits me
It wasn't my looks that left her in discorn
It was this Damn Uniform..............

1 comment:

anonymous said...

One woman's lost is another woman's gain. Those shallow women who turn their nose up to a man because of his profession are very narrow minded. I believe you have to know a person for who they are and not what kind of job they have. Because, to judge a person any other way will be setting yourself up to be hurt. The same way the person in the suit was able to pull you easily, you better believe he will pull another just as easy. So, those narrow minded woman can keep passing the blue collar brother's by because their lost is another's gain.