Monday, October 15, 2007

The Want Us To Kill Ourselves.....................

The civil right movement has came and gone. Here are the results: Nothing! After holding our people captive for so many years, we were let free to make something of ourselves. With a lack of resources and education, our black communities have turned into the very term used by society to describe it, the ghetto. While representing just 13 percent of society, more than a third of our community is in jail. We were forced to live in these areas. Only after the movements were wealthy blacks were able to move in more affluent areas. To say the history of this nation has played a major role in what is going on in the black community is an understatement. It is true that people are responsible for their own actions, but to also say that we have been given the right of any free person from the jump-start is a damn farce! If any of these factors exist in other communities, they would send in the National Guard.

First and foremost, We don't make any guns! So why are they so easily available in black communities. We don’t own Rugger or Smith & Wesson
We don’t have airplanes to bring drugs in this country! We don’t own airports or runways. Recognize that!
We don’t own no liquor stores but why is there one on every corner in black communities.
To put it bluntly, we own very few stores!
Yes we have drugs users and alcoholics in our communities, and so do you!
Yes, almost 70 percent of babies born in our communities are born out of wedlock.
Yes we represent 49% of all homicides committed in 2006. (Yet we represent 13 percent of the population)
Also, 91 percent of these deaths were at the hand of another black.
Yes, we represent more than half of HIV cases in America.
Yes 13 percent of our entire population is in jail.
Yes half of all women in jail are black.
Yes we have the highest teenage dropout rate in USA.
Yes the number one cause of death for men between the ages of 18-24 is homicide
Also, the number one cause of death for women ages 18-24 is A.I.D.S.
ETC, ETC, ETC…………………………………..

Now if any of these factors were prevalent in other communities it would be made an national disaster. They would bring in doctors to educate on HIV. If so many of their men were dying because of gun violence, they would send in the troops. They would have better drug outreach. They wouldn’t have gun stores in neighborhoods with high homicide rates. Their wouldn't be liquor stores on every corner. They would close at 8PM, just like in their neighborhoods. They wouldn’t allow companies in their communities to give out high interest short-term pay day loans. They wouldn't close down hospitals, schools, clinics and recreation centers. They wouldn't send their kids to schools without books, teachers, and heat or air condition. And I can go on and on but to what extent? They say to get rid of a problem; you must first identify it and take action to eradicate from your community. Yet we have no intervention for the problems in our community. Their only intervention is to take ownership of the ghetto land, moving us to other communities, where we still haven't addressed the issues prevalent in our own communities. Maybe when these problems start seeping into their communities will it become a society priority. The truth of the matter to why these issues exist is very simple: They want us to kill ourselves………….

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