Monday, October 8, 2007

Crooked Officer.................

I was mad as hell. I just got my a$$ out of bed at 7:00 am to play a game at 9:00am. I was a bit sluggish from the night before, but I really wanted to play today. The game was at Largo High School. When we go there, we were informed that the schedule of games was running late. This meant that we had some time to get something to eat. "We were off", straight to Mickey D's, two friends, my buddies’ girlfriend, and myself. heading down the street, we noticed that we were being followed by PG County Police. My first response was why? Then we got the "siren" treatment. Pulled over to the side of the rode, we were all wondering why did this man started following us the first place. He announces he is PG Police, and the reason why he pulled us over was because while running the plates of my friend’s truck, the tags came back as suspended for failed emission test. My friend Keith was like, "What the F*ck?, I didn't know they suspend tags for that. I was like, "Why was he running the tags in the first place?" After my friend showed proof to the officer that this issue had been resolved, he then calls him out of the car. "He is gonna give him a ticket" I was thinking. His girlfriend, noticeably nervous, thought he was getting locked up. While that wasn't the case. The officer did have some more questions for him.
It went a little like this:

Officer: Where are you headed? (why did he ask that)
Friend: To get something to eat.

Officer: What business you have in this neighborhood? (again, Why?)
Friend: We have a game at Largo HS

Officer: How old is the young lady, and why is three men riding around with 1 girl?
Friend: That is my girlfriend.

Now the officer walks to the car, and asks, "Are you one of these guys girlfriend?"
She responds yes, to which he asks which one? Why? she responds. "We are just going to get something to eat"The officer finally allows us to leave. Sitting in the truck for over 40 minutes, we realize we don't have enough time to get something to eat now. We go back to gym and lose the game by four points. Hungry and mad that not only did we lose the game, we also became a statistic to racial profiling. The officer had no reason to target us. Only because he saw 3 men riding in an SUV, with a young lady, de he decide to run the plates. And what law practice says it OK to get behind certain people to run their plates. We weren’t speeding, just minding our business, trying to feed our stomachs, when we got enough injustice to feed our mind. My question to the officer is this: Why didn’t you follow the white driver that you were behind before you seen us? Four black people, driving in an SUV, Trying to get something to eat, last I read is not a crime. Why?

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