Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Taken from Wake Up Black America


The Jena 6 Part 2 "A great distraction from the real issues".

9-26-2007There is a sad and disturbing lesson coming out of this “Jena 6” soap opera, that only a few people actually see what’s going on. Those who picked up on this who happen to be black will be dismissed as nothing more then “sellouts”, “Uncle Toms” or “Aunt Jemimas”. Those who picked up on this who are white will of course be labelled immediately as a “racist”. The story or lesson at play here is how most blacks in America deal with “internal” problems and “external” distractions. The whole “Jena 6” episode is an external distraction that is merely taking attention away from the real issues that are facing blacks in America. Blacks for the most part will never grasp that. Their mindset has been branded with the mark that their most pressing problems facing them in America is that of other races more so then themselves. That way of thinking is totally naive. Blacks say the Jena 6 were “victims”. Actually I agree in a different way. The Jena 6 were victims. They were victims “of their own actions first and foremost”. Why did an event such as this become the rallying cry or mating call to black race racketeers, crybabies, hustlers and panderers? This is what puzzles me the most. Blacks from across the country descended on to Jena Louisiana to protest what they deemed the unfair charging of six black youths that beat up one white youth. While this was going on, blacks were wearing black t-shirt and anything with black in it to show support of the “Jena 6”. Ok this is what I can’t figure out. Why can’t blacks show this type of support in fighting black on black crime and murder in their own communities? Who are the ones killing most black people in America in 2007? Is it the Klu Klux Klan? The Aryan Brotherhood? Neo Nazi Skinheads, Racist Polices forces? The answer is, are you ready for this? NONE OF THE ABOVE!! The Jena six are alive and well. Here in Baltimore for example two hundred and thirteen blacks can’t say the same thing. That’s because they are dead, and they weren’t killed by the entities I just mentioned. Other blacks killed them. In Baltimore over the last 15 years blacks have killed over 5400 blacks just here in Baltimore alone, and Baltimore isn’t an exception. Black murder rates are set to hit record levels this year. Cities leading in the blood shed are Richmond, Jersey City, Detroit, Richmond, New Orleans” post Katrina”, Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis, Washington DC and Gary Indiana. Where are Sharpton and Al on all of this? I think Sharpton has more pressing issue to deal with I suppose. I guess trying to ban the “N” word is a higher priority. This is the real issue not the Jena 6. Of course what I say will be dismissed by those who would rather sweep all of what I say under the rug and forget about it. If a white neo-nazi took a sub machine gun and killed fifty blacks in a crowded urban area, blacks around the nation would be outraged and rightfully so. Yet when other blacks kill three hundred blacks, they don’t seem to care. If blacks only speak out against crimes against other blacks when the perpetrators are white, is this basically an acknowledgement saying that it’s ok for the crimes to happen as long as the perpetrators are black? Case in point, Lets say that the victim of the Jena Six wasn’t white but black. The scenario would now be six blacks beating up another black student. Now lets say that the six black attackers are charged pretty severely. Does anyone truly believe that this would now be a story? Would Jesse and Al and the rest of the faithful flock even care? Would this even make the CBS Nightly News, CNN, MSNBC etc? The answer of course is not! This isn’t so much about being concerned about what happens to blacks in America. It’s becoming crystal clear. The title of the new story should read“As long as whites aren’t the ones doing the murdering, assaulting, raping, poisoning the black community, etc we really don’t care one way or the other what happens”.

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