Monday, October 8, 2007

The Word Of The Day Is...................


Statistic is defined in Wikipedia as:

Statistic is a function of a sample where the function itself is independent of the sample's distribution.

I know, You don't understand.

I want to discuss it in a diffeent function. The function of criminalizing the Black race.

Did you know:

Blacks comprise only 13% of the population and account for about 13% of drug users but constitute 35% of all arrests for drug possession, 55% of all convictions on those charges, and 74% of all those sentenced to prison for possession.

Blacks are incarcerated at a rate that is more than 6 times that of whites.

The number of college-aged Black males in prisons and jails in the U.S is greater than the number of Black males enrolled in higher education.

The Black male homicide rate is 7 times the white male rate.

The death penalty has been imposed in 682 capital cases since 1995. The U.S. attorney recommended the death penalty in 183 of them-of those cases 26% involved white defendants, 74% "minority." Blacks make up 40% of the death row population.

Now arent those crazy statistics?

The reason I am writing about statistics is because my god-son was shot this weekend. Thank god he is alive. Did you also know:

More than 50 percent of homicide victims in the USA last year were, "You Know It", Black Men.

Through the grace of God, my god-son made it through. That is not the result in most cases. Parents please talk to your kids, Don let them be statistics...................

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