Friday, September 28, 2007


Enough is Enough

You want to know why I’m mad? You really want to know? Well here it is. The system is f*cked up That’s right I said that. The climate among inhabitants of this fare (no not fair country) is reaching its boiling point. You want to know why? Because some people just don’t get it. This country is not fair. From the time my peoples were brought here on boats by the ruling European nations we have been robbed. Robbed of what you say? Robbed of our dignity, culture, ancestry, and family to name a few. But the damnest is our right to live in equal society, Not one that punish people on different scales because of color of skin or class. We are the only people in this nation who cannot trace their heritage. I have Asian, Latino, Russian, Canadian, African and well…all sorts of friends, who can trace their heritage. They can all say that they come from a particular part of the earth. Not my people!! We were African when we got here but after dividing our families, and enforcing there Totalitarian beliefs we were first given the name slaves, then niggers, then negroes, then blacks and now the worldly accepted African Americans. First of all we are not African. We were robbed of that by tyranny of Europe. American you say? When have we bee truly given a far shake from America. Maybe it was when we were only allowed to sit on the back of the bus, or only allowed to drink out of “Black Only” water fountains. I know some people are going to say, “ That stuff happened in the past, Get Over It”. I say NO! These type of instances occurred as recently the 60’s and 70’s. Right when someone deemed that Martin Luther King had to die or because he saw reason with the cause that Mr. Kennedy also had to go. All because we wanted equal rights men had to die. Men, Women and children had to be subject to being sicked by dogs, sprayed with water canons, and risking being beating by cops who were just enforcing the law. Young mothers had to see the harsh reality of seeing there husbands, sisters, children and sons swing from trees because? We had no rights. We just had to deal with it. Turn the other cheek. Not any more. Here it is 2007 and our people still have to ask permission to sit under a tree. Kids have to be subject to different scales of punishment. Our athletes and stars subjected to different scales of justice. Remeber Robert Blake? He to was acquitted of killing his wife but yet he is allowed to live his life in total obscurity (unlike OJ, when he isn’t doing it to himself). Other stars of different races (Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan) only serve minutes and jail while my people (Foxy Brown) are remanded to jail for similar offenses. We still live in a country where people still revere a haunting reminder of the good ole days (the confederate flag). They say get over it! That racism no longer exists. That’s BS. Then why is the KKK still a national recognized organization? Why are they still allowed to spew that hate all over the country? The government tore down the Black Panthers and all other movements that my peoples created to better ourselves. Was it because they deemed the movement a threat?
If the Black Panthers were a threat to society then what do you call the KKK? Equal justice huh? Bull Shyt!!!!! Now we have media personalities, who do nothing other tan spew their idiotic views to the masses. First Nappy Headed Hoes!!! Now Mfer Iced Tea. The people at FOX News ought to ashamed of their selves. You want to go at BET for showing black people in a light that some deem offensive? Why not go at the Hannity’s, O’Reilly’s, And the Fox News of the world and tell them that their content is not welcome likewise. Or is It? Back to the peoples down in Jena. They should be punished for that attack. The prosecutor had his chance to do the right thing but he didn’t. Instead of giving the equal justice to these individuals, he showed that equal justice still doesn’t exist in this country. I want to personally thank him for it. That’s right thank him. If it wasn’t for him, our formerly misinformed, uneducated, and uninterested peoples would not be taking this critical stance for our future and the future of our people. To be an American it is stated that all people are created equal, but why for over 500 years have my peoples suffer through so many injustices. Maybe we are not Americans. We can’t go back to Africa (or can we) so since we are here we should make the best of it. But this time let’s do it right. Enough is Enough!!!!!!!!!!

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I believe this is a good concept, and a great idea. I look forward to visiting and viewing other people views on different issues, and also participating in dialogue myself.